Soap Maker Studio

Don't waste your night out sipping over-priced wine and painting yet another picture that you're going to just shamefully hide in the trash can once you get home. 

We have the solution - Soap Maker Studio, where you can make your own 4 bars of soap! We walk you through making your very own soaps from scratch. You get to go hog wild on all of our scents, colors, add-ins and toppings! Make a soap that truly fits who you are, that really lets the world know who you are on the inside. 

and the best part, if you do share your soap in the shower with your friends - they probably won't care what it looks like, or smells like....they probably aren't there to shower anyhow. 

Soap Party!

If you book a group of 8 or more to come make soap then the whole place is reserved as a private party and it's BYOB!!!!

Ready to book your soap making?

Call: 260 888 5338